Parte Encuentro III – Expanded Networks/25N

Poster illustration: Angélica Chávez Cáceres “Voz”, 2020

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In this Parte Encuentro III, the last meeting prior to Hysterix trip to Sweden, the collective will present their mingling with the Expanded Networks: Compañeras, comrades who, from their diverse practices such as music, art, activism and academia, fight and create different possibilities confronting the patriarchal, neoliberal and racist contexts we live in. It will be a meeting with music, readings and videos where we will discuss anti-racist indigenous anti-colonial black feminisms and the different forms of violence against women and non conforming gender people. All this within the framework of the next 25N.  We want us Alive and Free!

Comenzalas: Hatrapadah, Blue Mpc, Daniela Ortíz, Princess Jimenez Beltre, Sarai Alvarez Riveros, Claudia Arteaga, Marco Pérez, Jessenia Cutipa, Olga Rodriguez Ulloa, Angélica Chávez, Cecilia Rejtman, Rossana Mercado-Rojas (Hysterix)

audio: Rosas para Margarita – Blue MPC

Parte encuentro is an essential warm-up towards “Embodying chaos: 10 years of Hysterix”, a durational intervention of the Peruvian artists collective Hysterix in Konsthall C in Stockholm (December 15, 2022 – January 14, 2023). The intervention consists of conversations and shared practices of care, in which testimony and active listening will be the main methods of knowledge production. La Dekoloniala! and Hysterix co-organize these collaborative actions in which creation and activities of daily life merge to conceive a new body of work.

Organizers: Hysterix & La Dekoloniala!

With the support of Nordisk Kulturfond, Konstnärsnämnden, Konsthall C.

Project part of the Globus Opstart program