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Parte Encuentro III – Expanded Networks/25N

Watch here: In this Parte Encuentro III, the last meeting prior to Hysterix trip to Sweden, the collective will present their mingling with the Expanded Networks: Compañeras, comrades who, from their diverse practices such as music, art, activism and academia, fight and create different possibilities confronting the patriarchal, neoliberal and racist contexts we live […]

Parte Encuento 2: Territorios

Time: Friday 11th Nov / 17:30 Stockholm/ 11:30 Lima /12:30 La Paz Participants: Natalia Callau, Laura Barriga and Rocio Chuquimia Watch the event here Organizers: Hysterix & La Dekoloniala! Hysterix Collective and the artists Nadia Callau, Laura Barriga and Rocio Chiquimia have shared spaces of creation, action, reflection and loads of affection.  Each one of […]

Embodying Chaos: Ten Years of Hysterix

A durational intervention of the Peruvian artists collective Hysterix in Konsthall C in Stockholm (December 15, 2022 – January 14, 2023). The intervention consists of conversations and shared practices of care, in which testimony and active listening will be the main methods of knowledge production. La Dekoloniala! and Hysterix co-organize these collaborative actions in which […]