Commission by Public Art Agency Sweden

The podcast hosted by us in La Dekoloniala! is commissioned within the framework of Public Art Agency Sweden’s web-based series Expanded Narratives for Public Art, which is part of their public programme where they raise questions regarding the responsibility a government agency has for the narrative to which it contributes. What perspectives and expressions are missing in public art? What narratives need to be given space at this time?

In this commission Public Art Agency is handing over the role of hosting to La Dekoloniala!. This is part of Public Art Agency’s attempt to, despite the difficulties of addressing these issues when being a public actor, approach decolonialization by working from a decolonial understanding of contemporary times, where the premise is that colonial power relations continue to shape society today. The aim of the process is making way for a wide range of voices, and trying new methods of decolonization – redistributing the role of the host being one.

Link to podcast (Public Art Agency Sweden)

DOMESTIC SYSTEMIC PANDEMIC: Konstnärer mot patriarkalt våld – 2020 Nov 21st-28th

Domestic Systemic Pandemic is a group exhibition with local and international artists against patriarchal violence. Live-streamed opening, online exhibition and daily installations in the gallery window at Detroit Gallery in Stockholm. The exhibition is organized by Amnesty Latin America, Gallery Majkens and La Dekoloniala!. In collaboration with Detroit Stockholm, PeaceWorks Stockholm, Schools for the Future and the Latin American groups.

– 2020 Sept 26th – Oct 3rd

Ahead of International Abortion Law Day, we teamed up with other artist-driven collectives, such as: Galeri Majkens and Detroit Stockholm, with Amnesty Latin America to create a response to a human right that is missing millions in the world: the right to free abortion.

Participating artists
Princess Jimenez Beltre, Rossana Mercado-Rojas, Sarai Alvarez, Patricia Wallin, Paloma Madrid, Liz Peñuela

Performance in Spanish
Performance in Spanish


As part of Rundgång 2019 at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm artists Milagros Bedoya and Rossana Mercado-Rojas created a sound installation, performance space and live painting based around the form of a merry-making happening, filling the space with sounds, chaos, languages and stories to reclaim a corner of the institution. For the event they invited Princess Jiménez to perform her piece “The Myth of the Good Immigrant”. La Gozadera was the seed for La Dekoloniala!