Parte Encuento 2: Territorios

Three months in the construction of the panoramic avenue and the reconstruction of desire in women from El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia.
Installation of 800 4 x 5 cm photos
Contra mi Voluntad by Nadia Callau
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo-Santa Cruz de la Sierra-2022
Installation of textile art
Acciones para acompañar el duelo by Laura Barriga

Time: Friday 11th Nov / 17:30 Stockholm/ 11:30 Lima /12:30 La Paz

Participants: Natalia Callau, Laura Barriga and Rocio Chuquimia

Watch the event here

Organizers: Hysterix & La Dekoloniala!

Hysterix Collective and the artists Nadia Callau, Laura Barriga and Rocio Chiquimia have shared spaces of creation, action, reflection and loads of affection. 

Each one of the participants of this “Parte Encuentro” lives and works in different contexts with specific issues; these places are La Paz, El Alto, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Tentayapi, in the Bolivian Chaco region, Lima and Stockholm. This time they meet to share and reflect on their artistic practices in relation to the territories they inhabit, transit and those they choose to inhabit and transit. 

What are the places we inhabit? What do they determine? How do we create from there? How do we strengthen ourselves from the distance? How do we strengthen, from the borders that divide us, the radical fabric of affection we have woven together?

This is the second of three “Parte Encuentro”, a series of online encounters between artists, activists -and much more- from the Global South who live in different territories such as Stockholm, Lima, La Paz and Santa Cruz with whom we share practices of creation and action with. 

Parte Encuentro is an essential warm-up towards “Embodying chaos: 10 years of Hysterix”, a durational intervention of the Peruvian artists collective Hysterix in Konsthall C in Stockholm (December 15, 2022 – January 14, 2023). The intervention consists of conversations and shared practices of care, in which testimony and active listening will be the main methods of knowledge production. La Dekoloniala! and Hysterix co-organize these collaborative actions in which creation and activities of daily life merge to conceive a new body of work.

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