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Parte Encuentro III – Expanded Networks/25N

Watch here: In this Parte Encuentro III, the last meeting prior to Hysterix trip to Sweden, the collective will present their mingling with the Expanded Networks: CompaƱeras, comrades who, from their diverse practices such as music, art, activism and academia, fight and create different possibilities confronting the patriarchal, neoliberal and racist contexts we live […]

Parte Encuento 2: Territorios

Time: Friday 11th Nov / 17:30 Stockholm/ 11:30 Lima /12:30 La Paz Participants: Natalia Callau, Laura Barriga and Rocio Chuquimia Watch the event here Organizers: Hysterix & La Dekoloniala! Hysterix Collective and the artists Nadia Callau, Laura Barriga and Rocio Chiquimia have shared spaces of creation, action, reflection and loads of affection.  Each one of […]